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Word 2019 – Level 1

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    1 Day
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  • Overview & ObjectivesOpen or Close

    This course aims to give the learner a very good basic grounding in the use of Microsoft Word 2019 to create everyday documents required either at work or at home. The course begins by showing the user how to navigate around Microsoft Word 2019. It quickly gets the user to create a new document before getting into features such as formatting, printing and even creating tables.

  • Skills GainedOpen or Close

    At the completion of this course you should be able to:

    • Work with the basic features of Word
    • Create a new document
    • Find the information you need in Help
    • Work with a document
    • Select and work with text in a document
    • Cut and copy information within and between documents
    • Use a range of font formatting techniques
    • Format paragraphs
    • Work effectively with features that affect the page layout of your document
    • Create and modify tables


  • Course ModulesOpen or Close

    Getting To Know Microsoft Word

    •  Starting Word
    •  The Word Screen
    •  How Microsoft Word Works
    •  Using The Ribbon
    •  Using Ribbon KeyTips
    •  Minimising The Ribbon
    •  Understanding The Backstage View
    •  Accessing The Backstage View
    •  Using Shortcut Menus
    •  Understanding Dialog Boxes
    •  Launching Dialog Boxes
    •  Understanding The Quick Access Toolbar
    •  Adding Commands To The QAT
    •  Understanding The Status Bar
    •  Exiting Safely From Word

    Creating A New Document

    •  Creating Documents In Word
    •  Using The Blank Document Template
    •  Typing Text
    •  The Save As Dialog Box
    •  Saving A New Document
    •  Typing Numbers
    •  Inserting A Date
    •  Document Proofing
    •  Checking Spelling And Grammar
    •  Making Basic Changes
    •  Saving An Existing Document
    •  Printing A Document
    •  Safely Closing A Document

    Getting Help

    •  Understanding How Help Works
    •  Accessing The Help Window
    •  Browsing For Help
    •  Returning To The Home Page
    •  Using The Table Of Contents
    •  Searching Using Keywords
    •  Disconnecting Online Help
    •  Printing A Help Topic
    •  Working With Screen Tips
    •  Dialog Box Help
    •  Other Sources Of Help

    Working With A Document

    •  The Open Dialog Box
    •  Opening An Existing Document
    •  Navigating With The Keyboard
    •  Scrolling Through A Document
    •  Page Zooming
    •  Viewing The Ruler
    •  Showing Paragraph Marks
    •  Counting Words

    Working With Text

    •  Techniques For Selecting Text
    •  Selecting Text Using The Mouse
    •  Selecting Text Using The Keyboard
    •  Editing Text In Insert Mode
    •  Editing Text In Overtype Mode
    •  Deleting Text
    •  Using Undo
    •  Using Redo
    •  Inserting Symbols And Special Characters
    •  Understanding Find And Replace
    •  Finding Words
    •  Replacing Words
    •  Using Go To

    Cutting And Copying

    •  Understanding Cutting And Copying
    •  Cutting And Pasting
    •  Copying And Pasting
    •  Drag And Drop Cutting
    •  Drag And Drop Copying
    •  Using The Clipboard Task Pane
    •  Using Paste Special

    Font Formatting

    •  Understanding Font Formatting
    •  Working With Live Preview
    •  Changing Fonts
    •  Changing Font Size
    •  Growing And Shrinking Fonts
    •  Making Text Bold
    •  Italicising Text
    •  Underlining Text
    •  Applying Strikethrough
    •  Subscripting Text
    •  Superscripting Text
    •  Highlighting Text
    •  Changing Case
    •  Changing Text Colour
    •  Applying Text Effects
    •  Using The Format Painter
    •  Clearing Font Formatting

    Paragraph Formatting

    •  Understanding Paragraph Formatting
    •  Understanding Text Alignment
    •  Changing Text Alignments
    •  Changing Line Spacing
    •  Changing Paragraph Spacing
    •  Indenting Paragraphs
    •  Outdenting Paragraphs
    •  Starting A Bulleted List
    •  Adding Bullets To Existing Paragraphs
    •  Starting A Numbered List
    •  Numbering Existing Paragraphs
    •  Shading Paragraphs
    •  Applying Borders To Paragraphs
    •  Using The Paragraph Dialog Box

    Page Layout

    •  Changing Page Margins
    •  Setting Custom Margins
    •  Changing Page Orientation
    •  Changing Paper Sizing
    •  Inserting Page Breaks
    •  Inserting Page Numbers


    •  Understanding Tables
    •  Creating A Table
    •  Adding Data To A Table
    •  Selecting In Tables
    •  Selecting Using The Mouse
    •  Inserting Columns And Rows
    •  Deleting Columns And Rows
    •  Changing Column Widths
    •  Changing Row Heights
    •  Autofitting Columns
    •  Shading Cells
    •  Modifying Borders
    •  Modifying Border Styles
    •  Choosing A Table Style


    •  Understanding Printing
    •  Previewing Your Document
    •  Quick Printing
    •  Selecting A Printer
    •  Printing The Current Page
    •  Specifying A Range of Pages
    •  Specifying The Number Of Copies


  • PrerequisitesOpen or Close

    This course assumes little or no knowledge of Microsoft Word. However, it would be beneficial to have a general understanding of personal computers and the Windows operating system environment.

    This course is designed for users new to Microsoft Word specifically and word processing in general.

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